Timneh Babies!
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The babies graduated to a bigger "kritter keeper" today.
This is huge compared to the one they were in, and yet they still seem to fill it out.  I kept them in the small one as long as I did to help ensure that they would keep their legs under them and not splay them out to the sides.
The picture below was also taken today and shows them in their new home as viewed with the top of the brooder off:
Looking more like greys all the time, aren't they?
Today's vital stats:  Oldest baby is 29 days old and 200 grams; middle baby is 27 days old and 180 grams; youngest baby is 24 days old and 152 grams.
Oldest baby at 30 days old and weighing
200 grams (same as yesterday)
Middle baby at 28 days and 186 grams.
The baby at 25 days and 166 grams.

The babies lost a feeding yesterday,
so now they are fed every 4 hours
from 6:45 AM to 10:45 PM.
Merry Christmas
from our nest to yours!
Chicks before feeding (left).

Vital statistics:

#01, the oldest - 32 days old and weighing in at 242 grams.

#02, middle baby - 30 days old and
weighing in at 218 grams.

#03, youngest chick - 27 days old and
weighing in at 194 grams.

And here they are after the feeding (left).
They are so HUGE!!!

We took blood today for DNA testing, so hopefully I will know soon just what we have here.  I do hope I have at least one little hen.
Oldest chick, #01, at 33 days old and weighing in at 256 grams.
Check out the red coming in on the tail!  I didn't even notice this till I saw it on the picture.   Very cool.  :)
Our middle chick, #02, at 31 days old and 222 grams.
And our baby, #03, at 28 days old and 204 grams.
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