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A better digital camera makes for better baby pix.  This is a clutch of just 2 babies born to my five-year-old Mom canary.  She and the Dad are both variegated American Singers.
Jan. 12, 2009: Mom getting ready to lay.
Jan. 31:  One baby hatched the night before, and the second hatched this morning.
Feb. 1: Canaries grow quickly.
Feb. 2: Love this shot!  I'm taking the nest out to take the pix.  If I didn't know the Mom and that she'd be ok with this I wouldn't do it.  I know she's ok provided I limit my intrusions to once a day and for only a minute at most.
Feb. 3: Getting cuter every day!
Feb. 4: Growing like weeds.
Feb. 5: You can practically watch them grow!
Feb. 6: Eyes are opening.
Feb. 7: You can see the beginnings of the quills and you can see the areas that will be yellow now as well.
Feb. 8: Look at that little tail!
Feb. 9: Even more quills.
Feb. 10: You can begin to really notice that the older one (only by about 12 hours) is bigger.
Feb. 11:  Quills just beginning to erupt into feathers.
Feb. 12: Feathers coming out more.
Feb. 13: Are they cute or what?!
Feb. 14: Look how much they grew in just one day here!
Feb. 16:  I was in the birdroom in the morning doing my usual chores of cleaning and feeding and changing water, and thought the bigger baby was really getting antsy to leave the nest.  So I went and grabbed my camera and set it down within easy reach.  I looked over and caught him just as he was making the brave transition from nest to perch!

That afternoon I tried to pop him back into the nest, but he was having none of that and spent the night out on the floor of the cage.
Feb. 17: The next day he was all over the cage and his little sibling kept eyeing him from the safety of the nest.  Later on, he finally managed to get back into the nest (right) and seemed happy to be there!  The other baby joined him out of the nest the next day.
Feb. 28:  Both kids have been out of the nest for about a week and a half.  They are picking up eggfood on their own and Daddy only occasionally feeds them.  Mom, as you can see (left) has gone back to nest.

What a nice family!